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Mini-Blog: Energy

Friday, December 16th, 2016

It’s no surprise that Greens are big on Energy.  Choosing how we make & use Energy gives us a society that works for all of us and for the planet too OR a society where the rich exploit the poor and all exploit our planetary home.  So there’s a lot of interlinked themes:

Low Carbon Energy for All: Reduce reliance on fossils fuels to avoid serious climate change & create fair & sustainable energy system for the future.

Cutting Consumption: Decarbonise energy use across all sectors – electricity generation, transport, heating & industry; invest in energy efficient homes.

An Energy-Generating Democracy: Share energy & benefits from renewables with all; Create ‘local energy companies’ to build publicly-owned renewables to fund public services; Set up a Green Investment Bank to invest in public & community-owned energy schemes; Reform energy generation market to support low-carbon energy & community ownership; No new nuclear power plants.

Jobs & Skills Transition: Transition of skills & investment to renewable energies & sustainable industries.

Serious about Renewables: Set ambitious renewable energy targets & government funding; no fracking; leave some fossil fuels in the ground.

Transport: an integrated, socially equitable & sustainable transport system that prioritises people; Plan towns & cities to reduce demand & boost public transport; Take railways back into public hands; Less road-building: More walking, cycling, road repairs.

Find out more at greens.scot/policy/energy 


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