Highlands and Islands Greens
Highlands and Islands Greens

Highland Greens Condemn Proposal For Three Potential Energy-From-Waste Incinerators

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Highlands and Islands Greens have condemned The Highland Council’s proposals, contained in its Highland-wide Development Plan Main Issues Report for three energy-from-waste (EfW) plants – one, two or all of which could be incinerators. The plants would be located on the Longman estate in Inverness, as well as sites in Skye, and Caithness.

“Once again, Highland Councillors are using a ‘back-door’ approach to press the hugely contentious issue of waste incineration,” stated Highlands and Islands Greens Regional List Candidate, Isla O’Reilly.

“Their previous attempt to burden Inverness with an energy-from-waste plant was buried deep within the Inner Moray Firth Local Development Plan.

But their action now, using the same ‘under the radar’ method, seeks to impose not one but three EfW plants, in Inverness, Skye, and Caithness, all of them potentially incinerators. That is unacceptable.

The implications of these EfW provisions are clear: if they are not removed, it would be nearly impossible for anyone, including the Highland Council itself, to prevent energy-from-waste plants being constructed at these sites, provided all planning conditions were met.

If SNP, Labour, Liberal Democrats, and Independents really believe energy-from-waste incineration is right for the Highlands, then they should be open about it and allow their proposals to be subject to the full gaze of public scrutiny and initiate a proper and separate public consultation.”

 The consultation period on the Highland-wide Development Plan Main Issues Report ends on the 30th January.