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Highlands and Islands Greens

Lochaber Chamber of Commerce Hustings and a trip up the coast to Ullapool

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

I had a great trip to Lochaber and Ullapool. We had a Chamber of Commerce Hustings in Lochber High School which had nearly 200 people attending. The questions focused more on immigration and despite the overtly racist UKIP question which was met with gasps from the audience the overwhelming agreement from the front was that immigration could be very positive to the area and a moving comment from the floor described how someone could end up stranded in this country through no fault of their own and should not be subjected to the negativity which the press seem to be riddled with at the moment.

Lochaber High School first year’s modern studies was next with a mock election as well. The kids asked some great questions and seemed really interested.

I drove from Lochaber up to Ullapool.  I did a bit of canvassing in various places en route too, so I should get some credit for turning up in remote places. I turned up on one doorstep in Gairloch and the man was just talking on the phone to a friend in England about whether he should vote Green. He rang off and said ‘right come and talk to me about the Greens’ so I had about 20 minutes of his undivided attention! We had a social on Friday at Irene and Barry’s fantastic home and B and B. There was a Greens stall on Saturday and a visit to the Saturday market nearby followed by trips to a North Woods Design http://www.northwoodsdesign.org/ a green Building company, ‘Made in Ullapool’ a social enterprise where people with disabilities make fantastic award-winning candles and Ullapool Wood fuels, a social enterprise producing local wood fuel. In the evening we had a meeting focusing on marine issues with a man talking about sustainable scallop fishing and a woman from the whale and dolphin conservation society talking about marine protected areas as well as myself. It was Feis Rois this weekend, so Ullapool was humming with musicians and when we went for a cup of tea the whole cafe burst out singing spontaneously!

There are lots of Green placards up and lots of people saying they are voting in the area Green, so we’ll just have to see what happens on Thursday. 

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