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Moray: Newsletters Arrive, Crowdfunder Launches, Nomination Papers Delivered!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Two big things have happened in the last week in the Green campaign for Moray – our Election Special Newsletters have arrived, and our crowdfunder has been launched!

The newsletter sets out our key priorities for the election – economics, public services, democracy – and a wee bit of the all important Green stuff in our unique opposition to TTIP and Fracking.

In fact, if you can’t wait for one to drop through your letterbox (or you don’t live in Moray) then head on over to facebook and have a wee look!


So while we’ve got plenty of great ideas and popular policies to promote, and the materials to do it, there is one thing that’s slightly awkward – finding the money to pay for everything…

Now, I don’t want to get into trouble here, but it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that we don’t have the backing of any millionaires, nor big business – probably something to do with not just increasing taxes, but making sure they get paid in first place…

Anyway, it means we’re reliant on normal people to give us what they can to bring about the transformational change our country and politics so badly need.

In fact, there’s a whole video and an explanation right here as well as a number of incentives, just in case you want to treat yourself while supporting a fair, Green and democratic future!


Finally, I’m off to the Council tomorrow to hand in all my nomination forms – at which point there’s no going back…

I’m definitely feeling very privileged to have been selected to represent my home, family, neighbours, indeed all of Moray – I’ll be one of half a dozen candidates drawn from 80-odd thousand electors to do so – and I’ll also be representing a new politics.

Interesting times ahead!

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