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This Week In Moray

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Welcome to the first of my election blogs – a week before the official campaign even starts!

Every Monday from now until May I’ll be highlighting what we’ll be up to in Moray this week.

As a rather small and underfunded party – alas, with no millionaires or big business backers and a lack of paid staff – we’re reliant on our members and volunteers to pitch in to create everything from posters and leaflets, to hand deliver them, and to speak to you on your doorstep.

It’s a challenge. But it’s one we’re well up for taking on!

This week sees the finalisation of the newsletter that some lucky folk in Moray will have delivered through their doors in the coming weeks, and sees us step up our media campaign – I’ll be keeping a close eye on the news, and the issues that matter, and trying to make sure that there’s a Green voice represented in the local media.

I’ve also seen a surge in the number of emails from various campaigns flood into my inbox – TTIP, Fracking, Equality, Farming, Tax Dodging, the Tax Dodging Bill, Nature, Trident, Housing, the NHS, Sexism, Child Abuse, Surveillance, Pensions, Homelessness, the list is extensive.

On one hand it’s great to see that so many people are involved in promoting so many great causes and aren’t afraid to take the issues straight to the candidates, but on the other it’s taking me a long time to reply to everyone – especially when the subject is not one of my strengths – so if you have emailed me and not got a reply yet, apologies, but keep an eye on your inbox because a reply is coming!

As a party of volunteers we’re always looking for more people to lend a hand – even if it’s just to put a poster in the window – so if you do feel you want to make a difference in Moray this year please complete this quick questionnaire!

Next week it’s railways and newsletter deliveries, so stay tuned!



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