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Highlands and Islands Greens

Greens to Contest Moray in General Election

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

James MacKessack-Leitch

Moray Greens have selected their candidate for the General Election.

Moray Greens are pleased to announce that they will be contesting the Westminster Parliamentary seat of Moray in the General Election being held on 7th May this year.

The local membership has confirmed the selection of Moray Greens Convenor, James MacKessack-Leitch as the Scottish Green Party candidate for Moray.

“I am delighted to have been selected by the Moray Greens as their candidate for the forthcoming General Election,” stated James MacKessack-Leitch. “There’s never been a better opportunity to have a Green candidate on the ballot, with the ongoing ‘Green Surge’ in membership continuing, more and more people are doing the research and switching on to our progressive and forward thinking politics.”

“The economy will be a central theme of this election, but the Greens are the only party that wants to see a fundamental shift in the way it works. We want to move away from the growth obsessed model that clearly doesn’t work, and place greater value on the local businesses, social enterprises, and High Streets that are the cornerstone of our communities.”

“In the short-term we’re committed to making the minimum wage a living wage, and in the long-term we’re proposing a complete overhaul of the welfare system, scrapping most benefits and their convoluted administration, in favour of a single universal Citizens Income. This would at a stroke eliminate the need for food banks, providing a proper safety net for the most vulnerable in society. It would also act as an enabler, unleashing the creative and entrepreneurial talents of a generation to diversify and sustain our new economy.”

“As more powers are rightly devolved from Westminster we want to see a revival of local government, and we’ll work hard to prevent Holyrood becoming a centralising blockage to greater devolution. We want our Councils to have the power to govern, and to be locally accountable to the public.”

Independent MSP and Scottish Green Party member John Finnie added, “This election provides an opportunity to vote for the Green Party, the only party which places social and environmental justice, and a sustainable future, at the heart of decision-making.

“The Green Party’s enormous rise in membership, the ‘Green Surge’, reflects repeated polls which show the policies the public value are ‘Green’ policies.

“I am delighted that James has been selected for the Greens in Moray. He is an outstanding community activist who has already ably demonstrated that he will always put Moray residents and their communities ahead of corporate or other outside interests.”

James, 28, currently lives on the family farm at Alves. A graduate of both Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities, he has worked in the public and private sectors in a range of roles. He is currently a Director of a local community trust, and has been involved in a number of local campaigns.