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Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Andy and Jamie’s international success is inspiring, so to read in the Inverness Courier about the continued delay in establishing an indoor tennis centre here in Inverness, and the consequent need to travel to Stirling for indoor facilities, is deeply disappointing (30/1/15).
I was particularly surprised to learn that the prime cause of the delay is down to who should operate the centre – HIE or Highland Council.
Highlands and Islands Greens fully support the case for an indoor tennis centre in Inverness. Like other publicly-owned sports facilities, this should be operated by the Highland Council through High-Life Highland.
An ideal site would be on part of the land immediately East of the new Beechwood campus, earmarked in the 2006 Inverness local plan for a (much needed) district park.
Sadly, Highland Councillors have not yet taken any steps to create the district park.
In fact, their only action has been to endorse Transport Scotland’s plans for a wholly unnecessary A9-A96 ‘mad-mile’ link road, costing at least £65 million, and which would decimate the local park. Far better that this money be used for a major sports facility, including an indoor tennis centre.
Highland Councillors need to demonstrate sound leadership and responsibility for making the indoor tennis centre a reality – and soon!
Isla O’Reilly

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