Highlands and Islands Greens
Highlands and Islands Greens

Moray Greens Disappointed but Unsurprised by Councils backing of Elgin’s Proposed Western Link Road

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Moray Council had the opportunity during the full session on Wednesday (27/03) to take into account the concerns of the public, and take time to consider the material changes to the proposed western link road, as well as consider a number of alternatives. Instead, despite broad opposition and sound arguments across the chamber, councillors voted press ahead with the multi-million pound project without further detailed discussion.

“While we are thoroughly disappointed with this turn of events, I don’t think anyone will be surprised by the decision to plough ahead with the western link road,” stated Moray Greens Convenor, James MacKessack-Leitch. “In the face of growing public concern and anger at the project, and despite a breadth of opposition demonstrated at the meeting, a number of the councillors have unfortunately continued to display their wilful obstinacy in this matter.”

“This was a great opportunity to discuss the various options for Elgin’s future development which has sadly been missed. One of the entirely reasonable options would only see an extension for Edgar Road to accommodate a new High School access and affordable housing, and at a fraction of the price. There was also no concern shown by proponents as to the affordability of the scheme, at a time when harsh cuts have already been made, with more to follow.”

“Moray Greens fully expect the opposition to this project to continue to grow, and we will continue to support those who are willing to stand up for their communities.”