Highlands and Islands Greens
Highlands and Islands Greens

Moray Greens Elect New Convenor

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

The Moray Greens, a sub-branch of the Highlands and Islands Green Party, are pleased to announce the election of James MacKessack-Leitch as their new Convenor.  James will be taking over from outgoing Convenor Fabio Villani, who is stepping down from the Moray Convenor post to focus on his role as overall Highlands and Islands Convenor.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Moray Greens Convenor, and I am pleased to have been elected as the new deputy Convenor”, stated Fabio.  “Having established the Moray branch four years ago, we have built up enough local support to field candidates in Moray for the first time ever, and came very close to gaining a first councillor in this years local elections.  James is committed to improving the lot of Moray, and his dedication to the principles of fairness, justice and local democracy is something that is needed now more than ever, Iʼm sure heʼll make a great Convenor.”

“I would like to thank Fabio for his hard work over the past years, and also for the show of faith that the Moray Greens have given me”, said James.  “I will work to build on the support we already have within Moray, and will seek to prove that the Green principles of localism, true sustainability, and social and environmental justice really can make a difference.  There will be several opportunities over the coming months and years for the people of Moray to make their views known, and we would ask you to think whether the same tired, old, 20th century politics of left, right, and petty nationalism have really worked?”

If you would like to find out more, raise a particular issue, or just get in contact, James can be reached via email at moray@higreens.org