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Make Sense of Parking

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

I was dismayed and disturbed to read that two Highland Councillors are calling for increased car parking space in Inverness city centre (Courier 19.01.12).

Transport policy should be based on the principal of accessibility, not mobility.  So the last thing we want is more car parking in the city centre, which will only clog up the streets, and significantly detract from The Highland Council’s broadly excellent Inverness City Vision proposals.

As members of Political Parties, the Councillors should be fully aware that their own Parties have signed up to the introduction of a Park and Ride scheme in Inverness, as part of The Highland Council’s local transport strategy.  The scheme envisages complementary bus priority measures on routes into the City Centre.  Increased city–centre car parking is not on their Parties’ agenda.

Highland Greens are fully behind the Council’s Park and Ride plans.  In particular, we have called for a rail halt at Beechwood, as part of the new campus, with an associated rail shuttle service into town.  This will provide a welcome Park and Ride facility for people coming into town from the East and South, offering a quick and easy journey direct to the city centre.

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