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Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

The Highlands & Islands branch of the Scottish Green Party has announced its Westminster election propspective candidates for Ross, Skye & Lochaber, Inverness Nairn Badenoch & Strathspey, and Argyll & Bute.

Elaine has worked across Scotland supporting communities taking action on issues such as housing, poverty and renewable energy.  She is currently a consultant and researcher as part of an EU funded transnational project focussing on Sustainable Energy Planning, allied to her PhD studies at the University of Dundee.  She is based full time in mid Argyll.

Elaine was the Scottish Green Party’s lead candidate in the 2009 European Election polling the party’s highest ever result in a national election.  Elaine believes that this election is an opportunity for the people of Argyll and Bute to vote Green and send a clear message to the next UK Government that they want a more equal and greener society, open and clean politics, and investment in public services, not more cuts.

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Local organic farmer Donnie Macleod from Ardersier, a well known local businessman and activist on environmental issues has been selected.

Speaking this week Donnie said: “Global issues cannot be viewed in isolation any more.  The physical environment, the biological environment, world trade, militarism, genetics, debt, resource squandering and personal inequalities are all linked.

“At the root of many of those problems is a faulty money system and human greed.  Currently, our politicians are an excellent example of the products of that faulty system.  Every step that is taken towards social justice and environmental survival has to be forced by people taking action against those reluctant politicians.  I believe that a better world is possible and that we, in the Highlands of Scotland should be an essential part of its creation.  The time for change has surely come and we must no longer be electing politicians who sit on the fence and allow our grandchildren’s future to be destroyed.  It is time to replace the current vacuous ‘greenwashed’ utterances from the Highlands with a proper Green message.”

Donnie Macleod was at the forefront of the anti-GM protests, during which he was imprisoned in 2001.  He is a long-standing activist on environmental and anti-war issues and has been a parliamentary candidate in the past for both Westminster and Holyrood.

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Former Green MSP Dr Eleanor Scott has been selected.

Speaking at a party meeting, Dr Scott said: “I am honoured to be chosen to represent the party in the forthcoming Westminster election.

“I and my party colleagues will be working hard to gain a substantial Green vote, which will send a clear message to whoever forms the next government.

“On the big issues of greening the economy, a sustainable energy policy, social justice and of course climate change, we need real action from government and not just greenwash.  A big Green vote in the next election is one step to achieving these vital objectives.  No Green vote is ever wasted!”

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