Highlands and Islands Greens
Highlands and Islands Greens

Greens Host Transition Towns Meeting

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Highland Green Party is hosting a public meeting on Saturday 7th February on the subject of Transition Towns.

Transition Towns are communities who have come together to answer the question:

“for all those aspects of life that this community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive, how do we significantly increase resilience (to mitigate the effects of Peak Oil) and drastically reduce carbon emissions (to mitigate the effects of Climate Change)?”

The most advanced transition Town in the North is Forres and the speaker at Saturday’s meeeting will be Transition Town Forres chair Carin Schwartz.

We all recognise that climate change is the biggest challenge facing humankind, and that oil will not last forever.

For the sake of the planet and the health of our economy we must prepare for a world without oil.

Transition Towns are doing just that, and across the world communities are finding creative ways to reduce their carbon footprint and strengthen their local economies.

Carin’s talk, on Saturday from 1-3pm at the Spectrum Centre, Inverness is free to all and promises to be inspiring.  We hope for a good audience and for other towns in the North to follow the example of Forres.

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