Highlands and Islands Greens
Highlands and Islands Greens

Tornagrain Proposals Go Against the Grain of Sustainable Development

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

The Highlands and Islands Green Party View on the Tornagrain Proposals

The Highlands and Islands Green Party opposes proposals for a major new housing development at Tornagrain.

“The proposed development fails to measure up to the standards required for a greener, sustainable Highlands” said Eleanor Scott, Highlands and Islands Green Party press officer.

“We are particularly concerned by:

  • the large size of the proposed development;
  • the loss of farmland, some of it organic, especially at a time when the importance of local food production is increasingly recognised;
  • the objections of the local community to the scheme;
  • the excessive concentration of population and buildings along the A96, particularly bearing in mind that there are developments planned at Whiteness and Nairn;
  • plans to expand Inverness airport.

“Instead, we favour proposals based on the gradual development of existing communities.  This should be supported by the steady improvement of infrastructure, and based on approaches aiming to accommodate demands for new housing while minimising the environmental impact of development, including the need to travel.  Most existing towns and villages outwith the Inverness area offer opportunities for this style of development.

“We urge the Highland Council to live up to the ideals it has set out in its ‘A96 Corridor Masterplan — Vision and Development Principles’ by ‘ensuring land use is appropriate’ and ‘strengthening existing communities through the provision of services and opportunities for the wider community’.  This can only be achieved by turning down this proposal and encouraging the gradual development approach we have outlined above.”