Highlands and Islands Greens
Highlands and Islands Greens

Green MSP Welcomes Invergordon Biomass Project

Thursday, November 16th, 2006

On news that Balcas Ltd is to construct a £24 million biomass project in Invergordon, Eleanor Scott, Green MSP for Highlands & Islands, said, “I very much welcome this project.  It’s a great step forward for the use of biomass industry in the North and will therefore help tackle climate change, provide much needed jobs in Easter Ross and create an economic use for hitherto low value timber.  Greens hope that the Executive builds on recent funding commitments to ensure that the industry can flourish with widespread use of these systems in homes and public buildings.” (1)

A cross party parliament committee report, produced while Green MSP Mark Ruskell was deputy convener of the committee and released earlier this year, backed Greens’ ongoing calls for urgent action to stimulate growth in the Scottish biomass industry. (2) The report from the environment and rural development committee highlights the potential of biomass to slash emissions from household fuel consumption and stresses the need for ministers to support the fledgling industry.


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(2) See www.scottish.parliament.uk/nmCentre/news/news-comm-06/cenv06-006.htm.