Highlands and Islands Greens
Highlands and Islands Greens

Call for Rejection of Plans for Asda in Thurso

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

An application submitted by ASDA to build a supermarket in Thurso has been criticised by Eleanor Scott, Green MSP for the Highlands and Islands. The proposal comes in the wake of growing concern regarding an application for a fourth Tesco store in Inverness, and a Tesco in Wick.

Dr Scott said: “I am very concerned about this application. Thurso already has a Somerfield and a second supermarket opening in the town will no doubt cause significant harm to local businesses in and around Thurso. Research has shown that supermarkets moving into a town lead to the loss of local jobs and the closure of small independent traders that in rural areas can be the life-blood of a community.”

Green MSPs have been backing community campaigns against unnecessary supermarket developments across Scotland as part of their Food Revolution campaign. (1)

Dr Scott said: “This application is against the local plan and I will be objecting to it. I hope many other people will follow suit and back the local businesses that put their profits back into the region’s economy and support local food producers. This is part of the Highlands that needs sustainable investment to help local businesses grow. I plan to visit Thurso in the near future to see for myself what might be done to support the local communities.”


The Food Revolution campaign aims to promote:

  • safe food — control pesticide use, campaign against GM and encourage organic farming;
  • fair food — ensure farmers receive a fair price for their goods, and to help low income households source healthy food;
  • good food — promote access to fresh, high quality food, especially in schools and hospitals;
  • local food — cut down on food miles and boost farmers’ markets and independent shops thereby preserving jobs in the area.
[update: no longer available: Download the full Food Revolution campaign document from scottishgreens.org.uk]